Coming May 2016

It Takes One

Book 1: Audrey Harte Series

They say there are no secrets in a small town…

Criminal psychologist Audrey Harte is returning home after seven years. She’ll have to face the whispers and the rumors that have haunted her family since she left. Because when Audrey was thirteen, she and her best friend Maggie killed Maggie’s abusive father.

Her first night back in town ends in a fight with a drunken Maggie, with her old crush Jake to witness it all. Audrey can’t believe it can get worse.

Then Maggie turns up dead.

Now, Audrey has to find out who the murderer is—before everyone decides that she is to blame. And before the murderer can set their sights on her.

Kate's Top 5

The list of Kate’s top five thrillers…

  1. The Secret of the Old Clock — the book that started it all, for Nancy Drew and me!
  2. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn — deliciously twisted plot with a surprisingly vulnerable protagonist.
  3. The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel — a complex heroine caught up in a decades-old mystery.
  4. If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon — a beautiful thief out for revenge.
  5. Misery by Stephen King — every writer’s nightmare.

The "Soundtrack"